Genuine Leather Book with Turquoise Button Wrap

$ 30.00

Handcrafted down to the rough torn edge of each page, this book was built to last. Flexible yet durable, The genuine dark brown oil tanned leather cover wraps around 4 hand-sewn signatures of your paper choice. 

  • Genuine Dark Brown Oil Tanned Leather Cover
  • Turquoise Button Closure
  • Natural Spine Stitching
  • Hand Torn Signatures

*Each piece of leather is unique and may vary slightly.

Paper options available:

  • 60 lb. Sketch: White, acid free, 80 pages, fine texture
  • 111 lb. Drawing: White, acid free, 60 pages, heavy weight, fine texture
  • 98 lb. Mixed Media: White, acid free 60 pages Heavy weight, medium texture
  • 20 lb. Graph: White, acid free, 100 pages, 4x4 grid pattern, blue lines
  • 140 lb. Watercolor: White acid free, 40 pages, heavy weight, cold press texture
  • 136 lb. Canvas Paper: For oils and acrylics, natural white, acid free, 40 pages heavy weight, canvas texture

Contact me for more ways to personalize your book!

All books are handmade in Knoxville, TN. 

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