Ostriched Embossed and Brown Leather Wingtip Book

$ 50.00

Built to last. Meticulously crafted down to the hand stitched signatures, this book is bound using traditional binding methods and archival materials. Red ostrich embossed leather and brown leather wrapped around sturdy book board make sure that cover only looks better with time.

You choose your size and fill with the paper of your choice.

These books are great for taking notes on the go, drawing and sketching, jotting down lists, and keeping track of important numbers and dates. This would also make a great guest book or photo album.

Paper options available:

  • 60 lb. Sketch: White, acid free, 80 pages, fine texture
  • 111 lb. Drawing: White, acid free, 60 pages, heavy weight, fine texture
  • 98 lb. Mixed Media: White, acid free 60 pages Heavy weight, medium texture
  • 20 lb. Graph: White, acid free, 100 pages, 4x4 grid pattern, blue lines
  • 140 lb. Watercolor: White acid free, 40 pages, heavy weight, cold press texture
  • 136 lb. Canvas Paper: For oils and acrylics, natural white, acid free, 40 pages heavy weight, canvas texture

Contact me for more ways to personalize your book!

All books are handmade in Knoxville, TN. 

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